Heilongjiang public information industry group was founded in 1997, headquartered in Harbin, with branch offices in Beijing, Chongqing and other places, the existing staff of nearly 300 people, total assets of 100 million yuan. Group invested and set up Heilongjiang Public Information Industry Co. Ltd. and Hong Kong Branch, Heilongjiang public digital network Co. Ltd. and Chongqing branch, Beijing Guomai Technology Co. Ltd., Heilongjiang Chuangli information technology limited company, involved in industries including many aspects of mobile and broadband value-added business, enterprise information services, service, the Russian electric digital image network electronic commerce and education information service etc..

As a high-tech enterprise with first-class technology R & D and innovation ability, public information industry group always adhere to the independent intellectual property rights development path, has the National Software Industry Association certificate 137, has the National Copyright Administration of software copyright registration certificate 87, a number of products selected torch plan of State Ministry of science and technology (Hons).

Adhering to the "professional, innovation" of the enterprise purpose, the group continuously improve R & D capability and professional standards, members of the enterprise through the national high-tech enterprise certification, national software enterprise certification, the international CMMI Level 3 certification, ISO9001 certification, ISO27000 international certification, with the entire network value-added telecom business (SP) qualification, Internet information service qualification, Internet data center business qualification, communication system integrated class C qualifications and province, city government procurement supplier qualification, also has telecom machine room, can accommodate more than 2000 servers.

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